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The Sea is a choosy mistress. She takes the men that come to her and weighs them and measures them. The ones she adores, she keeps; the ones she hates, she destroys. The rest she casts back to land. I count myself among the adored, for I am Her willing Captive.

I've relocated to a new Yankee Sailor.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Link from Where?!?

Over the weekend I had a link picked up by the BuzzTracker at RealClearPolitics to my post on Darfur, and I thought it was a fluke. Today, my post on Iran's latest maneuver gets a link from, of all places, The Washington Post! I know it's an automated thing powered by Technorati, but it's a victory nonetheless.

Oh, and I got some nice kudos the other day for my piece on deterring nuclear terrorism, which in a gratuitous fit of self-congratulation I posted at the top left of the page.

I guess all that work buffing up my design and layout, cleaning up my code, updating my tags, and trying to get noticed is paying off...