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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Join The MilBlogs ROE Project

If you blog and you're in the military, there are a lot of regulations and considerations that you should keep in mind when you blog. In an effort to keep military bloggers aware of these restrictions and exercise some self-regulation in the military blogging community, the MilBlog ROE Project was created.

If you agree with and adhere to MilBlogger's Rules of Engagement, are committed to responsible blogging, and support self-regulation among military bloggers, you're invited to show your commitment to the ROE by adding either a button or text message and link on your home page.

Here's the button:

MilBlogs ROE Compliant

Here's the text-only link:

If you want the button, use this code:

<a href="">
<img src="" alt="MilBlogs <br>ROE Compliant" height="40" width="88" /></a>

Or, if you prefer text only, use this code:

<a href="">
MilBlogs ROE<br>Compliant</a>

If you add the link or button, e-mail sailor(at)yankeesailor(dot)us and I'll add a link to your home page on the MilBlog ROE Subscribers blogroll.

Thanks, and blog on!

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