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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Which Way Will Europe Go?

The Iranian nuclear threat should become more real to Europeans in the light of recent developments.

Iran has received a first batch of BM-25 surface-to-surface missiles that put European countries within firing range, Israel's military intelligence chief, Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, was quoted as saying in the Haaretz daily on Thursday.

The missiles, purchased from North Korea, have a range of 1,550 miles and are capable of carrying nuclear warheads, Haaretz reported.
In the 1980s, when the Soviet Union deployed intermediate range missiles intended solely to pound Western Europe, the Europeans decided to call the Soviets bluff and allow America to deploy similar missiles on European soil. Today, things are a bit different.

Europe now has a large Muslim minority, and one prone to activism and violence. Europe has also been distancing itself from the confrontation with radical Islam. As a result, I believe the most likely response in Western Europe will be the "appease and surrender" option. Hopefully the Eastern Europeans, who remember what totalitarianism is all about, will pull the West away from the cliff.

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