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Friday, April 07, 2006

Troubling News for Army Recruiting

News today from the Phildelphia Inquirer that may indicate October's recruiting difficulties weren't just an anomaly

[Army Secretary Francis] Harvey told the Senate Armed Services Committee in February that the Army in the first four months of fiscal 2006 used up two-thirds of its annual limit of recruits from its pool of those least-qualified - and that limit was doubled last year.
The Army's recruiting goal for fiscal 2006 is 80,000, the same as last year, when it missed its target by almost 7,000 - its first enlistment shortfall since 1999. The numbers so far in this fiscal year are encouraging: The Army has exceeded its goal every month.
So, long and short, the Army's filled their quotas well for the first half of the fiscal year, but the quality of recruits has continued in an ominous down trend.

Continuing to track and report....