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Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Just Have to Laugh

Message number three in recent weeks from the Murderous Mohammedan Moonbats:

The U.S. military has only seen "loss, disaster and misfortune" in Iraq, al-Qaida's No. 2 said, in a video message that a U.S. official deemed part of a propaganda campaign to demonstrate the terror network's relevancy.

The video by Ayman al-Zawahri, posted on an Islamic militant Web forum Saturday, came within the same week as an audiotape by Osama bin Laden and a video by the head of al-Qaida's branch in Iraq - a volley of messages by the group's most prominent figures.

Al-Zawahri, an Egyptian militant believed to be hiding in Afghanistan or Pakistan, also denounced the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq as "traitors" and called on Muslims to rise up to "confront them."

He said that U.S. and British forces in Iraq had bogged down in Iraq and "have achieved nothing but loss, disaster and misfortune."

Al-Qaida in Iraq "alone has carried out 800 martyrdom operations (suicide attacks) in three years, besides the sacrifices of the other mujahedeen, and this is what has broken the back of American in Iraq," al-Zawahri said.
Let's look at the evidence:
  • The Al-Qaida leadership has been in fear of their lives and hiding in holes for the last four years.
  • Al-Qaida has only managed a handful of major attacks since 9/11.
  • Al-Qaida has executed zero operations in the territory of the United States, their main enemy, since 9/11.
  • Al-Qaida recently fired their top commander in Iraq, al-Zarqawi, for mishandling the Iraq campaign.
  • And, Al-Qaida has recently shifted its strategic focus to Sudan and Israel, effectively ceding the battlefield of Iraq to the Coalition,
And it's our back that's been broken? Talk about failure of analysis! I think it's time for all the "retired" terrorist leaders to call for bin Laden's resignation.

On a more serious note, this upswing in messages could mean one of two things. Either bin Laden and his boys know that they're in trouble with the Arab street and are in the midst of a massive PR campaign to shore up support, or they're busily sending messages and another significant attack is nearing execution. Let's hope it's the former and not the latter.

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