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Friday, April 28, 2006

First Littoral Combat Ships Going to San Diego

The first four LCSs are headed for San Diego.

San Diego will be home to the newest members of the Navy's fleet of surface ships, the military announced Thursday. Four Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) -- the first in a series of agile, highly adaptable vessels -- will be docked at Naval Station San Diego beginning early next year.

San Diego was chosen as the initial homeport because of the Navy's increased emphasis on the Pacific theater, as determined by the latest Quadrennial Defense Review.

"Homeporting the first four ships in San Diego will enable us to establish synergy between the ships and with local commands," said Vice Adm. Terry Etnyre, commander, Naval Surface Forces, based in Coronado. "With the Undersea Warfare Command here in San Diego and the Mine Warfare Command moving here soon, the undersea warfare and mine warfare mission packages will have direct coordination and representation locally."
Fortunately, when and if I screen for command, there'll be enough of them in the fleet that moving to San Diego won't be the only opportunity to command one of these.