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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Another Voice on MilBlogging Rules

The Officers' Club has a good read on something I've been talking about for quite a while: the need for self-regulation among milbloggers.

I think that deep down, every milblogger wonders if they're doing right or wrong by blogging. Charlie and I get the occasional email from mid to senior ranking officers who warn us to "watch it" with our writings, but we'll also get the occasional email from mid to senior ranking officers who praise us to high heaven for helping portray the military in such a positive light.

I suspect that -by and large- the brass realizes that the impact and influence of milbloggers is positive, proactive, and growing. Fast.

Today's generals were Vietnam's lieutenants and captains, men who realize that Vietnam was lost in Congress, not on the battlefield. The vibe that I'm getting from the Pentagon is the same as Mike Lawhorn queired "what can blogs accomplish?"

But, as Mike said, we need a responsible discourse. Call me pessimisstic, but I've got an itching feeling that the question of whether or not a milblog will leak classified material, or violate OPSEC, or provide our enemies information useful against our troops is a matter of "when" not "if."
Read the whole thing and report when complete.