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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Why the Agents of Chaos are Homeschooled

There's a long list of reasons why CINCHOUSE and I decided that homeschooling was best for the time being, not the least of which was the eldest Agent, HyperBoy, would have had to change schools twice during this school year.

Another reason is highlighted in the article from ClickOnDetroit, titled Students Remember More Channel One Ads Than News. From the article:

Students remember more of the advertising than they do the news stories shown on Channel One, the daily public affairs program shown in 12,000 U.S. schools, a study has found.

Students reported buying -- or having their parents buy -- teen-oriented products advertised on the show, including fast food and video games, researchers said.
The students remembered, on average, 3.5 ads compared to 2.7 news stories. However, they didn't remember much about either, retaining only 13 percent of the news stories and 11 percent of the ads shown during one week.

The principal of a Chicago Catholic school said free TV equipment is the reason her school signed up for Channel One. The equipment also is used for a student-produced school news program.
Looks like offering free stuff to a school is like offering crack to an addict.