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Sunday, March 19, 2006

War Protests Report Light Turnout

Looks like the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq is not the as big a deal to ordinary people as the anti-war activists like to portray.

Protests...were held in Australia, Asia and Europe, but many events were far smaller than organizers had hoped. In London, police said 15,000 people joined a march from Parliament and Big Ben to a rally in Trafalgar Square. The anniversary last year attracted 45,000 protesters in the city.
The Times Square protest in NY drew a scant 1000 protesters, and the DC protest by the Vice President's residence only reported 300 attendees. This was an interesting comment:

Rev. Graylan Scott Hagler of the Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ said the rallies nationwide are a "tapestry of resistance."

"Most people believe we aren't crazy anymore," he said.

Judging by the number of people that turned out, most people don't give you a moments' notice anymore, Reverend. And your "tapestry of resistance" is looking a little threadbare.