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The Sea is a choosy mistress. She takes the men that come to her and weighs them and measures them. The ones she adores, she keeps; the ones she hates, she destroys. The rest she casts back to land. I count myself among the adored, for I am Her willing Captive.

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Friday, March 31, 2006

A Terrible Reminder

A terrible reminder today that the Sea is always on duty:

An unstable cruise boat crowded with partygoers made a sudden left turn before capsizing in calm Gulf waters only a few hundred yards off the Bahrain coast, survivors said. At least 57 people drowned.

Bahrain television quoted the owners as saying the boat, an Arab dhow with high sides that had been modified to include two decks, was overloaded when it left port and capsized when most of its 137 passengers moved to one side.
Also a good object lesson to you Damage Control Assistants out there of the dangers of uneven and unstable loading, high centers of gravity and poor metacentric height.