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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Palestinians Don't Support Elimination of Israel

Interesting poll at the World Public Opinion website that says by a margin of three to one, ordinary Palestinians believe Hamas should change its opinion on the elimination of Israel.

Here's some other interesting tidbits:

Apparently the vast majority of Palestinians did not vote for Hamas because of its political goals but because of their desire to rid the Palestinian Authority of corruption, a theme Hamas campaigned on. Among those polled by JMCC who said they voted for Hamas, only 12 percent said they did so because of Hamas’ political agenda. A plurality of 43 percent said they voted for Hamas because they hoped it would end corruption.

Thus, Hamas’ success is largely a rejection of prior governments, rather than an affirmation of Hamas’ approach to dealing with Israel.

Though a majority of Palestinians support armed struggle, a modest majority feels that Hamas, in its new position leading the government, should refrain from engaging in it. The JMCC poll found 52 percent saying “Hamas has to stop its operations” in Israel and the occupied territories.
I wonder if Hamas will get the message?