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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

No Mercy For No Shows(?)

Apparently DoD will be changing its policy on how to handle reservists that fail to report for duty.

For several generations, the U.S. military has had an easy going attitude towards reservists who did not show up for their monthly or annual training. .... [O]ver the years, there developed the custom of simply transferring these reluctant reservists to the inactive reserve. This took them off the payroll, but still allowed the government to call them up in case of a national emergency. ... In the future, if reservists don't show up, their commanders can just have them discharged. While the reserve units hate to lose people, what with all the expense and effort it takes to recruit and train them, it's now obvious that the simplest solution to reservists who don't want to serve, is to just let them go. This means that approximately 15,000 reservists (out of some 1.1 million) who are not showing up, will be shown the door.
Call me a "#*&%@ SWO", but they ought to be shown the inside of a cell.