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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Navy expected to approve new working, service uniforms

Scooped by Army Times, no less:

Navy officials are expected to approve two new uniforms for sailors and announce the changes in an AlNav message Thursday. Approved will be a blue digital-camouflage, battle dress-style uniform for all sailors.

The new BDUs will be the working uniform for all ranks, E-1 to O-10. Gone will be the light blue shirt and dark blue dungaree pants worn be enlisted sailors and known as the utility uniform. The “wash khakis” worn by E-7s and above onboard ships also will be out.

I wonder if black armbands will be authorized for a period of mourning following the death of wash khakis? And the story says "ALNAV", but my bet is it will be by NAVADMIN. The Corps doesn't care if we make fools of ourselves.