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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mother Says School Didn't Notify Her Of Alleged Sex Assault

This story got miniscule attention in the local media in Providence, but I think it deserves more. The local NBC affiliate gave it this coverage:

Two 13-year-olds, a boy and a girl, are involved in what authorities are calling a case of sexual assault.

The girl's mother is angry over the way the middle school in West Warwick is handling the incident. She says authorities at Deering Middle School never notified her about the incident. The boy has been suspended.
The family's attorney, however, was on the Dan Yorke show last Friday and filled in some of the blanks.

Basically, the girl's accusation is that the boy approached her, put one hand on her chest or shoulder to hold her down in her chair, and grabbed her crotch with his other hand. The two were in the library at the time.

Following the alleged assault, the girl reported it to a school official, and the principal's decision was to merely suspend the boy for five days - and just sent the girl home on the bus. In addition, the principal waited three days to report it to police, because, the attorney asserts, she didn't think the offense was big deal.

The family attorney also said the principal volunteered that the school had had a number of problems with the boy. After police investigated the incident, the boy has been charged with 2nd degree sexual assault.

One more reason the Agents of Chaos are homeschooled.