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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Martydom of Cindy Continues

The sad tragedy of Cindy Sheehan continues, via the Indepundit. First, another "if only" slips from her lips:

CINDY SHEEHAN: And... I'm not doing this for Casey. Casey's already dead. I wish I would have done it for Casey before he was killed.
Next, is the headstone thing. As Smash documents, Casey's still got no headstone, nearly two years after his death. Cindy hasn't paid for one, or even filled out the form to get one for free. Maybe she doesn't want to take the money from the government, though it seems to me it's Americans' money, not the government's. Oh, and she was just fine taking the quarter million dollars of insurance money when Casey died, so the ethical argument is thin at best.

Perhaps there's some insight here:

CINDY SHEEHAN: I'd just like to know, also, exactly what am I getting out of this? I wake up in a different bed every night. I... am going through a divorce. I am not being paid by anybody... Al Qaeda, George Soros, Michael Moore... I don't get a paycheck. And... I'm gone from my children, 27 days out of the month. I get smeared; I get dragged through the mud. And I'd just like to know, if I was doing it for me, I wouldn't be doing it for me.
Guilt and martydom complexes often go hand in hand.