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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Timing is Everything

Sometimes timing is everything. Take the Philippine mudslides, for example. Mud comes down, covering up to 1800 Philippinos, but 5,000 American troops were already on scene or enroute for exercise Balikatan '06. From the AP:

Large-scale joint war exercises involving about 5,000 American troops opened Monday, with a U.S. general ready to divert as many of his forces as needed to help in a landslide-hit village where up to 1,800 people are feared dead.

Washington already has diverted at least two warships with 17 helicopters and about 1,000 Marines to Guinsaugon, in eastern Southern Leyte province, where would-be rescuers have been frustrated in finding survivors after part of a mountain collapsed Friday.

U.S. Marine Brig. Gen. Mastin Robeson said he was ready to send more.

One note at the end of the story shows how routine the war on terror has become:

A bomb exploded late Saturday, killing one and wounding 28 near Jolo's army headquarters, where U.S. soldiers are encamped under heavy guard. No American was injured, but the bombing, which authorities blame on the Abu Sayyaf, heightened concerns for the Americans' safety.

Another bomb, not reported elsewhere and added as a footnote to this story.

Update: More background on who's there and what they're doing here.