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Friday, July 08, 2005

Daily Read Board - 08JUL05

United States

Terror in the heart of London - Terrorists ripped into the heart of the British capital in a series of apparently coordinated explosions during yesterday's morning rush hour, killing at least 37 and injuring hundreds while bringing chaos to the city's subways, bus systems and car-jammed streets.

Threat level increased to 'high' for U.S. mass transit - Machine-gun-toting police officers accompanied by bomb-sniffing dogs swept through the Washington area's Metro stations, trains and buses yesterday, after Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff raised the terrorist threat-level on mass transit systems to Code Orange, or high.


Death Toll From London Blasts Rises - The death toll rose to 50 Friday morning as London police escalated what authorities described as the most extensive criminal investigation in British history to track down the perpetrators of Thursday's assault on the city's transportation system.

Pakistan arrest offered hints, no details on planned hits - The recent arrest of an al Qaeda terrorist in Pakistan provided some clues that terrorists were planning attacks on trains and buses, but there were no specific warnings of the bombings in London yesterday, U.S. officials said.

Muslim council condemns 'evil deeds' in Britain - LONDON -- Muslim leaders in Britain yesterday were swift to condemn a series of deadly bomb blasts in London and they appealed to Britons not to single out their community for reprisals.

Attacks strengthen Londoners' resolve - LONDON -- London's financial district was a sea of pinstripe suits yesterday as workers tried to get home in a city crippled by bombings, all the while vowing one thing: to not change a single habit in response to the attacks.

Abducted Egyptian ambassador killed - Terrorists in Iraq killed Egypt's ambassador yesterday, five days after he was kidnapped from a Baghdad street, Egyptian officials announced at the United Nations and in Cairo.