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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Daily Read Board - 05JUL05

United States

Pentagon Weighs Strategy Change to Deter Terror - The Pentagon's most senior planners are challenging the longstanding strategy that requires the armed forces to be prepared to fight two major wars at a time.

U.S. seen prodding allies in terror war - SAN ANTONIO -- The top foreign-affairs adviser to the Department of Homeland Security says the United States must do more to spark action among its foreign allies in fighting the global war on terrorism in their own countries.

White House Renews Contact With N. Korea - WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States has resumed contact with North Korea, but the talks at a security conference in New York have not produced a decision to reopen negotiations on Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program, the State Department said Friday

Army re-enlistments up despite lack of recruits - FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) -- Sgt. Jonathan Jacobs joined the Army to get away from his part-time jobs as a telemarketer and a cargo handler. He ended up in Iraq, but that didn't stop the 24-year-old 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper from signing up in March for another hitch, even though that could mean another tour in the Middle East.


Iraqi Clerics Plan Edict On Sunnis' Role - Senior clerics of Iraq's disaffected Sunni Muslim minority will soon issue a decree calling on followers of the faith to vote in upcoming elections and help write a new constitution, a prominent Sunni leader said Monday.

Iraqi: No talks with killers - Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari has ruled out talks with any terrorist or insurgent group that has the blood of Iraqi citizens on its hands.

Iraqi barbers face unkindest cut of all, targeting by terrorists - Baghdadis headed to the barbershop are going more often to the Shi'ite neighborhood of Sadr City than to mixed neighborhoods, where they could be shot by Sunni radicals who charge that clean shaven men want to look like U.S. soldiers.

Top Egyptian Diplomat in Baghdad Is Kidnapped - The kidnapping came as the American and Iraqi governments are vigorously pressing Arab nations to send ambassadors to Iraq.

Bahrain's Top Diplomat Shot in Baghdad - BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Bahrain's top envoy to Iraq was wounded Tuesday in the second attack against an Arab diplomat here in a week. A major Sunni Arab group called on Sunnis to take part in future elections, action that could diminish the insurgency.

Gunmen fire on Pakistan envoy in Iraq - BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Gunmen fired on a convoy carrying Pakistan's envoy to Iraq on Tuesday in the third attack on a senior diplomat in three days, police sources said.