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Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Ups & Downs of MilBlogging Rules

The Huffington Post ran a piece a few days back on the Iraq MNC's new blogging rules. Paul Reickhoff ends with this observation,

A bad policy? A good policy? Too early to tell, but it sure seems like the Army decided to cover it’s ass on this one, even if it isn’t quite sure what a blog actually is.
but it isn't at the top of the Army where this policy will likely go awry.

The rules are nothing new, except for the registration piece, nor are they unreasonable. The real problem will arise in the enforcement. In the Navy, we're into people's personal business all the time for various reasons - financial matters, family matters, whether you wear the right safety gear when you ride a motorcycle, and even who you hang around with in your off time.

Some of it is because we want our Sailors to behave like "good citizens", some of it is because we don't want our Sailors to go out and booze it up and die or kill someone on the highway, and yes, some of it is because individual commanders or Big Navy don't want any bad press. It's that last reason that could really cause the clampdowns.

My prediction is that the policy and registration system will work fairly well overall, but there will be a few commanders out there with stars in their eyes who don't want to draw any negative attention, or commanders so up to their rear ends in alligators, that it will be easier to shut down the blogs altogether than to take a reasonable approach.

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