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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Is the Navy Getting a Clue About Shipbuilding? (.mil only)

Wonder of wonders! The Navy seems to be getting a clue with respect to one aspect of shipbuilding. The next aircraft carrier, designated CVN-21, will be built with commercial, off-the-shelf equipment.
“You can’t make a Nimitz anymore. The equipment is obsolete. The manufacturer doesn’t make it anymore,” [RADM Dennis Dwyer] said. “Everything on Nimitz is a special fit, special cut, special design.”

That has caused a problem for the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), Dwyer added. Parts for the Enterprise were uniquely designed for that ship. “On the Enterprise we have to make everything that breaks.”

“On CVN-21 we are trying to use as much commercial equipment as we can,” Dwyer explained.

This is revolutionary! Remember the $400 toilet seat the Air Force took heat for a decade ago? Well, this explains why it cost $400. Everytime one broke, the Air Force had to contract someone to make a new batch, so the overhead was astronomical. Now if the Navy could just bring itself to put bow and stern thrusters on our ships, I might think the acquisition community has regained its senses.