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Monday, June 27, 2005

Is the Left Trying to Make Us to Fail in Iraq?

If I read the tea leaves right, it looks like the military is being set up to fail in Iraq.

First, there was all the buzz recently about parents and teachers being resistant gatekeepers with respect to recruiters. Then, all the tumult about the press' treatment of the military and Americans' growing complacency with respect to the War on Terror. Now, it looks like at least part of the Democratic Party is putting out the message that the terrorist threat has dissipated and national security is no longer a "big" issue.

I discovered this digging through one of Froggy's ruminations this morning and came across an interesting tidbit quoted from a conversation with his mother. Froggy's mother is a former Democratic mayor of a city in California, and this is a discussion Froggy had with her about a call she took from someone with the party:

A “man” called from the DNC on a fundraising mission asking my mom to dig deep for the party. He also asked her what issues she was concerned about. That was where he f*ed up. Mom told him she was concerned about illegal immigration and asked the “man” why the DNC didn’t seem to have a plan to deal with it (neither does the RNC, but that’s another post). His answer was that he had recently read an article in Foreign Policy Review (or some such publication) that an individual’s “chances” of being the victim of a terrorist attack were actually very low.

This is, if it's true, disturbing to say the least. I hesitate to accuse hardcore Democrats and the political Left of trying to make America's effort in Iraq fail for political gain, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to not come to that conclusion.

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