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Friday, June 10, 2005

Expanded Role for Navy in Homeland Defense

Most SWOs have been clamoring for this for quite some time. Defense Daily reports today, via the CHINFO Clips, that the DoD is finalizing an agreement with DHS to reapportion the roles of the Navy and Coast Guard in maritime homeland defense.

[Asst. SECDEF for Homeland Defense Paul McHale] said the plan would address homeland defense roles for air and ground forces, but the biggest changes would be made in role of maritime forces. McHale said the Defense Department needs a “maritime NORAD” --that would be similar to the U.S. and Canadian North American Aerospace Command that protects both nations from air threats--to protect against sea-based threats.

The new strategy would aim to not just ensure U.S. ports are protected, but also provide ways for forces to track threats as they leave foreign ports and interdict them at sea before they threaten the U.S. homeland. He said the U.S. must move from a passive maritime defense strategy to an active, multi-layered approach.

Could this bring a call for more small ships in the USN? Let's hope so.