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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Don't Close It, Don't Clean It?

The CHINFO Clips from a couple days ago has an article from the Portsmouth (NH) Press Herald commenting on the BRAC Commissions' failure to include cleanup costs in the decision to close Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. From the story:

Lawmakers and advocates trying to prevent closure of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard contend that the Defense Department's projected savings from the move fail to account for cleanup costs. Those costs, they say, could be extensive at a yard that has operated for two centuries and specializes in nuclear submarines.

The implication is that the shipyard will be too expensive to close, because of potential environmental problems that would need to be cleaned up. Now the question I have is, shouldn't any environmental problems be cleaned up whether it stays open or not? I mean, isn't it silly to say, "oh, don't you worry about cleaning up any chemical and nuclear waste, so long as you keep this place open." That's like saying to your kid that he only has to clean his room if he moves out.