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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Doctors Won't Accept Military Insurance

This is a pet peeve of mine, and one of my many issues with Tricare. Looks like I'm not alone in my frustration...
Finding providers who accept Tricare in an area with an active-duty installation isn't difficult, and active-duty military members can always be seen by military doctors on base.

This is fundamentally not true. CINCHOUSE and all three of my kids have been on "standard" for a while, due to the nonavailability of care in the local military treatment facilities, and it's always a problem finding a doctor that will take Tricare, particularly a specialist, and the doctors that do accept Tricare are overloaded because of the number of patients they have to see to make ends meet. We live in the area with the largest number of U.S. servicemen in the world, Hampton Roads, Virginia. This story is about someone in Fort Worth, Texas, and they've got Carswell AFB/NAS Fort Worth, which should have some sort of MTF.