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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

There They Go Again

CDR Salamander notes that the entertainment industry has in the War on Terror, just as they did with the Vietnam War, made the exceptional servicemen seem like the rule. And I don't mean exceptional in a good way, either.

This is nothing new, of course. Michael Medved has noted Hollywood's
fascination with deviency for years, and that not only do these movies not make money now, they have never made money. To quote yet another article,

Citing the top-grossing films of the past 20 years, Medved points out that "there is not a single year where R-rated movies performed better than PG or G. Not one. In fact," he says, "movies that are rated PG and G over the last 20 years averaged at the box office more than two and a half times the returns of movies rated R."
So, there's obviously something else at work here. Is the Hollywood class obsessed with smearing servicemen because they see something positive in men and women in uniform that they wish to tear down? Is it that they are so cynical and screwed up that they assume everyone must be cynical and screwed up? It's anyone's guess.