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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Thanks, Jackass!

I'm not sure why these idiot prison guards in Iraq keep pushing the envelope of stupidity and continue to take and leak pictures of inmates. Why would someone decide to violate U.S. policy and military regulations and take pictures of say, Saddam Hussein? To impress your friends and family? To make friends in the media and admire yourself as an "inside source?" To grab your fifteen minutes of fame? Not that this would really work, because you'd get a whole lot more than fifteen minutes of fame as the media covered the progress of your long, drawn out Article 32 hearing and court martial.

New rules and better enforcement on the part of the military were supposed to prevent this kind of thing, but the rules remind me of what P. T. Barnum once said: "anyting advertised as 'foolproof' underestimates the ingenuity of fools." To the troll that was responsible for this, and once again tarnishing the reputations of the 90 percent of respectable men and women who are wearing the uniform, I say, "thanks, jackass!"

Give me a good, sturdy line, a yardarm, and a fifteen-hand working party to haul away, and the problem would be solved....